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With his unique twist of a groovy/funky/soulful/disco/deep house/tech orientated true house sound, Luca Debonaire is without a doubt one of the biggest names of  todays house industry! This is definitely not just a random statement considering the incredible list of achievements in the past years, and still more to come.. Curious?? Here you go!

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Luca is f one of the worlds top three best selling house artist/producers on BEATPORT for three years in a row now. In 2018 he won a very prestigious Canadian JUNO award for "DANCE RECORDING OF THE YEAR" with the remix of Nick Fiorucci's track "Closer ft. Laurell "! In 2019 he reached a #20 chart position in the BILLBOARD dance top 100 together with his collab with Tony Ruiz "Understand this house"| Talking about the BILLBOARD dance top 100... Just 2 years ago, in 2018, 2 other tracks 'CHAT FOCUS" and "DANCE WITH ME" reached the top ten position in this list! No need to say more, the man is booming in the U.S and CANADA !

You asked for releases at the world's leading record labels?? Nobody, as in NOBODY, has a release-list so exceptionally huge and divers if it comes to record labels. Just to name a few; SPINNIN, ARMADA, TOOLROOM, PORNSTAR, ZULU, RAWTONE, BIG BEAT , NEXT GEN, MINISTRY OF SOUND, and many more...

Did we mention that LUCA reached an incredible total amount of 3.000.000 SPOTIFY streams with one of his latest tracks "Stranger"? Another 6 tracks reached a mind-blowing 1.000.000 SPOTIFY streams each.

In 2016 one of LUCA's biggest and most appealing tunes so far , "KEEP THIS PARTY ROCKIN", was the theme song for "EDC MEXICO 2016 ". Check out the YOUTUBE link from 01.00 min. on !

In total there have been more than 500 tracks , remixes and collabs over the years, and this is just a tip off the iceberg , because for 2020 there is a lot more expected.... For example LUCA signed a contract for several remixes, including some for really big superstars, with a huge major label in the U.S.

As you can see the list of incredible international achievements goes on forever, but besides all his chart successes perhaps the biggest and best news from this year 2021 is......Finally , FINALLY ,after years and years of popular demand from almost every country/promotor/festival in the world that you can think of.... LUCA DEBONAIRE is now completely ready and prepared to conquer the world as a very skilled DJ! Expect that his energetic , uplifting, yet underground and female friendly quality house-sound will travel the globe in 6th gear !! Off course for this purpose LUCA choose to be represented by a bookings-agency which is without a doubt one of the leading and best agencies in the world regarding real and true house music, Portugal based INGENIUM bookings! Home of, for example, DAVID PENN, THE CUBE GUYS, ANTOINE CLAMARAN, JUDE&FRANK and a lot more international respected house dj/producers!


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